Ing. Stefan Pircher, BA MA MA

Curator and custodian Museum ARGENTUM

The picture shows Stefan Pircher, BA MA MA, curator and curator of the ARGENTUM Museum, during an excavation. Stefan Pircher is sitting in a crouched position and looking directly into the camera. One of Pircher's hands is resting on a stone. His black T-shirt is printed with the logo of the Archaeological Research Center Innsbruck (AFIN).

Study programme:

  • Bachelor’s programme Classica et Orientalia
  • Master’s programme in Ancient History and Ancient Oriental Studies
  • Master’s programme in Archaeology (all at the Karl-Franzens-University of Innsbruck)
  • Doctorate in Archaeology of the Roman Provinces at the University of Cologne

Research interests:

  • Cultural mediation in tourism
  • transitional periods
  • Ancient settlements
  • Burial rituals in antiquity

Professional experience:

  • Excavation management and project positions at the University of Cologne, Paris Lodron University Salzburg and Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck
  • Founding member and project manager for the Archaeological Research Network Innsbruck (AFIN)
  • Key worker in several non-profit employment projects for the regional association Nockregion-Oberkärnten.

 Laura Lucia Pösendorfer, MA BA

 Deputy Curator Museum ARGENTUM
The picture shows Laura Lucia Pösendorfer, MA BA, in her role as deputy curator at the ARGENTUM Museum. Her blonde hair is elegantly tied back, with a few strands falling out of the braid and gently cascading downwards. Laura wears earrings and an elegant sweater in a warm color palette between orange and brown


  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in classical and provincial Roman archaeology at the University of Graz

Research interests:

  • Cultural mediation of archaeological topics, small Roman finds, settlement archaeology

Professional experience:

  • Excavation worker, as well as deputy excavation manager for various projects in Styria and Carinthia,
  • Treasurer for the non-profit association Archaeological Research Network Innsbruck
  • Supervision of amateur archaeologists

Simon Lindner

Museum guide, employee in the area of museum quality seal and depot management

The picture shows Simon Lindner, who works as a museum guide and employee in the museum seal of approval and depot management department. He is wearing a brown shirt that emphasizes his slim figure. His long, brown hair falls casually over his shoulders and he has a well-groomed three-day beard.

Study programme:

  • Karl-Franzens-University, Ancient History and Archaeology (ongoing)

Research interests:

  • Cultural mediation especially in relation to provincial Roman/Celtic settlements