Association for the promotion of the Roman-Celtic settlement in Mühldorf

Founded in 2018, the non-profit association aims to support the archaeological investigations on the Haselangerwiese in Mühldorf and to raise awareness of the ancient past among the population. Subsequently, the cultural site is to be made accessible to the general public.

In addition, excursions to interesting archaeological sites in Europe are organised at regular intervals. Most recently, our members visited Heuneburg Castle (Herbertingen, Sigmaringen district, Baden-Württemberg/D) in 2022.

The contributions and donations flow 100% into the current archaeological research in Mühldorf.

If you would like to become a member, please contact us at or pay the annual membership fee of € 25.00 into the following account:

Association for the Promotion of the Roman-Celtic Settlement in Mühldorf
IBAN: AT87 3941 2000 0003 6244

The excursion to Heuneburg Castle was a complete success for the club members